Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Men Can Wear Hosiery Visibly In Oxford University

The only drawback is that you will most likely have to crossdress. NDTV and other news sites report that Oxford University's council has dropped any distinction between the sexes by eliminating deleting all references to men and women from the dress code.

David Tennant kilt

To get around this, I advise that you wear a kilt, which could be considered a skirt for the purposes of this dress code. If you have a kilt, then you can wear hosiery. It is that simple.

Kilts, for formal wear, are probably hard to find. If you cannot find 1, then I suggest that you make your own kilt, if you can sew, or pay a seamstress to design and make a kilt for you. I found several pages on the web to help in that area.

a dark coloured kilt

That being said, if you have the choice, then I suggest that you get a dark coloured kilt, as illustrated, or ideally, a black kilt made of polyester. I suggest black, because black can go with more outfits. I feel that the polyester will be wrinkle resistant. I am not an expert on that, though. I found my kilt to be a little heavier, than other sythetic fabrics, which makes it easier for the kilt to bounce a little while you walk. Another benefit of polyester is that it seems to last a lot longer than the rayon kilt that I have.

Have you found polyester to be like that?

Would you wear a kilt and hosiery? Do you do it already? If you have pictures already on the web, then feel free to share them.

Thank you for reading!

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