Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wore Hosiery And Shorts On Tuesday

Many people wonder what it is like for a guy to go out in shorts and #mantyhose. I am a guy, and I wore dark grey shimmery hosiery and black shorts, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday, a good casual female friend asked me about them. I told her that I wore them, because I liked the fabric [or something like that], and because I wanted to start a trend. She seemed impressed by the fact that I wanted to start a trend, and she said, Or you could wear them, just because you like them.. I feel that she has been very supportive of my writing endeavours. Therefore, I am not surprised that she is supportive of my hosiery wearing. I am a bit attracted to her, which makes it even more interesting.

On Tuesday night, I washed them. When I donned them, the next day, they were a little bit damp still.

On Wednesday, I went for coffee with a friend that I met when I was in the army. She always seems supportive of people in general, so I thought that it would be good to catch up with her. She never said anything about them. So, I did not bother bringing it up. I did briefly mention that I had an e-commerce business, but I never went into the details. I probably should have, so that I could have told her more about it. The good thing is that she was still glad to see me.

Has anything new related to hosiery happened to you? I am asking men and women.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Lately, I have felt much less fearful when going out in shorts and hose(sheer/skintone A2019). In the past, I'd feel pretty nervous going to places where there could potentially be a lot of people around or where I'd be interacting with others, but now I don't feel as concerned. Maybe since I've done it so many times that I don't feel like anything horrible is going to happen.