Saturday, August 4, 2012

Today Is My Birthday

Happy Birthday!

I am tempted to go out and celebrate, but today, I will probably stay home and enjoy myself. I might do some writing, and relax. I might go for a walk around the neighbourhood, but in general, I do not have an interest in going out.

I will wear Energizers Medium Support Tights, since they are my favourite.

Orange Julius logo

I do not feel bad about not going out, since I am on a tight budget. Also, on Tuesday, I celebrated by going to Orange Julius [you could get some coupons by joining their email list]. I had coupons that I accumulated from going frequently to Orange Julius in Pacific Centre, when I worked at Sears. I had a Julius Original, a hot dog, and a Premium Fruit Smoothy. I consider those to be big treats, and I feel very blessed to have had them. We do not have to have them on our exact birthday, do we? :^)

Thank you for reading!

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