Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finally Had 40 Visitors Each Day For Whole Month

From Jul. 28 until Aug. 27, I had over 40 visitors each day for the first time. It has not gone below that, since then, either. I appreciate all of you regulars. I also appreciate all of you who have directed some of your traffic to my blog. Thank you very much.

My next goal is to get over 45 visitors each day, for a month. That will be challenging, but I think, that I can do it, because of several reasons.

  • I am becoming more organized in how I create blog posts.
  • I am also creating more consistent content.
  • I only have to go another couple of days before I reach this milestone.
  • I have gotten bigger spikes in visitor numbers lately.

In the near future, I will continue posting Wikipedia hosiery photos, and used hosiery ideas. I hope to post more hosiery fiction, Is She Wearing, and surveys, but we will have to see about that.