Monday, September 5, 2011

I Will Review 2 Pairs Of Hosiery From The Stylish Fox

I want to review 2 pairs of hosiery from The Stylish Fox. Here is a list of 6 pairs that I considered.

I narrowed her entire range down to these 6 pairs, because of availability of colour-size combination. Because I am focusing on reviewing, I also based my choices on what men and hopefully women will most likely want to order. Read the remainder of my post to see what I chose and why.


They all seem to have a cotton gusset, except Raisa, which seems to have a cotton gusset only in sizes 3 and 4.

I really like gussets, so that if I part my legs when sitting or stretching, then I will not have to worry about the stress on the garment. Also, the cotton helps because our crotches tend to not get a lot of air, and in those situations, the best option is to get something that absorbs the moisture. After all, where is the moisture going to be wicked away to?

They all seem to have flat seams.

I like flat seams, because they imply quality. I do not really care either way, though.

I also noticed that each description mentions that they are all sheer to waist. I suspect that The Stylish Fox tends to specialize in this style. Perhaps The Stylish Fox can comment? According to the comment below, which is probably from The Stylish Fox, :^) all those pairs are sheer to waist, only because Trasparenze happened to make them that way.

For those of you who are new to wearing hosiery, I want to point out that opaques would be considered sheer-to-waist, also. Obviously, opaques are not sheer, but they can be made without a reinforced panty, and without a control top.

Fortunately, I did not have make a hard choice regarding these 3 features.

Please bear in mind that I will quote the web site below, and that I have edited those quotes.

Debby Pantyhose

The Stylish Fox says, Debby pantyhose...has fully shaped legs and heels...and invisibly reinforced toes. The fit is on a tight side, giving a slightly shaping effect. The finish is matte.. The finish is matte, and it is 40 deniers.

At the time of writing, there are 2 reviews for Debby Pantyhose.

Christine Pantyhose

The Stylish Fox says, While having all the main features that Debby has, Christine has a graduated compression effect to help prevent your legs from getting tired during the day.. Christine Pantyhose is fully boarded, which means the hosiery has an actual shape to it, as opposed to a long tube. The 30 denier fabric appealed to me. I am especially am interested in the graduated compression effect. Unfortunately, it does not come in black, so I will consider ordering it later.

At the time of writing, there is 1 review for Christine Pantyhose.

Oleandro Pantyhose

The two things that I like are the matte finish and slight sheen. That seems contradictory to me, but I think that it is possible when the light shines intensely on it, and there is a just a line of reflection. They did not say shimmer. I believe that shimmer is for when much of the leg has little reflections.

At the time of writing, there are 3 reviews for Oleandro Pantyhose.

Linda Pantyhose

The Stylish Fox says, Very soft and velvety to the touch, Linda microfiber pantyhose comes in beautiful rich colors (e.g. Amarillo). The finish is matte, semi-opaque...Very nice classic pantyhose for everyday wear in Fall/Spring.. I find that interesting, because I would think of velvety hosiery as something special for special occasions. Perhaps she meant that this is ideal for more than just special occasions.

I choose this as my first pair of hosiery. The velvety feeling is too much to resist, and with 40 deniers, I think that I cannot go wrong.

At the time of writing, there are no reviews for Linda Pantyhose. You can be the first to let her know what you think!

Sophie Tights

The Stylish Fox says, These microfiber tights from Trasparenze's classic line are wonderfully soft and smooth. Great for colder days, and for extra coverage.. I really like microfibre. The 70 denier fabric appealed to me.

I could not choose this pair, because my size was not available in black. I will probably choose it in the future, because I want to have grey hosiery in my daily wear.

At the time of writing, there are no reviews for Sophie Tights. You can be the first to let her know what you think!

Raisa Tights

image of package

I was not going to choose this, at first, because she did not have my size in black in stock. She does now, though. I choose Raisa as my second pair.

This style only needed 1 thing to win me over: the 120 denier fibres. Remember that you can make opaque hosiery with 10 denier fibres, too, but it is hard to find a pair like that [I bet that manufacturers are scared of letting consumers know about it, in case the consumers get scared off.]. I am very eager to try it. I bet that it will not snag and pill as easily.

At the time of writing, there are no reviews for Raisa Opaque Tights. You can be the first to let her know what you think!


So, I will Linda and Raisa. I think that there are so many wonderful pairs on her site, and that I will need time to enjoy all of them. I think that you can enjoy it too. In fact, I encourage you to do it while the topic is fresh in our minds. If you have worn these before, or have tried her service, then share with us in the comments below what you know.


  1. No, The Stylish Fox doesn't specialize in "sheer to waist" hosiery. It is just what Trasparenze makes. :)

  2. I wear Debby's fairly often! I really love the matte finish and look they have, since so many other brands have a slight sheen to them, it's nice to have a different look from time to time. I'm anxious to hear what you think of the other brands!
    The Linda Brand pantyhose look very nice, and the Raisa Brand looks very lovely! I really like the high denier/opaqueness they advertise...can't wait to hear about each brand!

  3. Hi, Pantyhose!!!.

    Thanks for the feedback about Debby. I'll do my best to answer any questions. Do you have any?