Friday, September 30, 2011's High Definition Detail Photos

If you have not been to their site lately, then you might want to check out their nice photos. Read the remainder of my post for more info.

The main theme in all these photos is that the photos seem to be very untouched.

For our first example, look at style #9423. This shows that she is wearing a skin coloured g-string. I was under the impression that models would wear nothing.

For our second example, look at style #02. Look at the tiny little bumps at the top of the photo, just below her belly button. Look at the blemishes in the shoes. Some people might say that it is unprofessional to show these blemishes, but I think that it is very professional, because untouched photos give us a real impression of what the hosiery is like.

For our third example, look at style #52. These photos show a variety of poses, implying that they did not just take the same photo and edit the colours. I did not realize that they had a range of colourful hosiery.

Typically, companies seem to edit photos, by airbrushing to even out any texture, or by reshaping to give a nice even look. However, with these photos, we can see bumps, blemishes, and the knitting of the fabric. Silkies has earned my trust.

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