Tuesday, September 13, 2011

People Commented

On Aug. 25, I visited my cousin, did an errand, and went to a volunteer training. Read the remainder of my post for more info.

During my visit to my cousin, I went to her real estate office. I am not sure that she saw my legs, because we were standing up for such a short time. The sunlight was behind me, so she might not have noticed. We ended up sitting around a conference room table. No matter what, she will not care, because she is pretty flexible. She did see my pantyhosed feet a long time ago, though, but she might have forgotten.

For the errand, I went to Home Depot, to buy some light bulbs. When somebody came, I looked at her when she talked, but I also glanced at the displays while she talked. A couple of times when I looked back, her eyes were down on my legs.

The funniest part was when I was done. Since I was at Home Depot, I was wondering if they had those hand cranked flashlights. I was leaving and I passed her, so I asked her if they had any. Since she did not know, she sent me to the correct aisle, and phoned somebody to let him know that I was coming. In order for her to identify me, I think that she mentioned that I wore white opaques. I think that, because when I glanced back, she giggled in embarrassment. She and her coworker ran behind the counter. They were not being rude. They were just embarrassed. I love it.

For the volunteer training, a lot of people noticed, but a couple of people commented. It was a great opportunity to explain our cause.

On Sep. 10, somebody asked about how the trending was coming along. I lost track of how she could have known. It turns out that she remembered asking me about my hosiery way back on the 25th. I thought that that was cool.

Remember, you can have a meaningful impact by wearing on a regular basis.


  1. That is cool that people remembered you and why we are wearing hose. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks, Rob, for your encouragement.