Thursday, September 22, 2011

Used Hosiery: Bungee Cord Replacements #3

Generally speaking bungee cords are used for things which need to be tied down snugly and securely. However, there are times, when you will need to use some kind of cord that expands and contracts to fit a task, and the cord will not need to pull very hard.

Read the remainder of my post for how to use hosiery instead of bungee cords.

This blog post is the third part in a small series about how you can make the best use of your damaged hosiery, when using them instead of bungee cords.

I could imagine that you would want to actually make a bungee cord type of hook. I recommend that you use coat hangers, for the metal, and then bend them into the correct shapes.

With this kind of use, you would need to spend a lot of time doing that, and I wonder if it would be worth it. Maybe you could simplify things, by creating a small loop at each end of some hosiery, and then bend some coat hanger wire, so that it has double hooks, like a letter "C". The hosiery loop could go around the bottom of the "C", and the other end of the "C" could be used for whatever you want to hook.

Would you ever use this?

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