Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Day Of Work At Sears In Downtown Vancouver

I had a wonderful time.

I had time after the orientation, so I spent time organizing the racks and tables for the socks and hosiery. I spent a good chunk of my time organizing the 3-packs.

I even learned a technique of making the most of the limited space. For example, you might have 3 colours, with only 2 spaces. The trick is to alternate the colours consistently, instead of randomly stuffing them in, so that people can easily find them by looking through the packages. I hope that that makes sense.

I even got to help a customer find a pair of knee highs. Because we could not find what she wanted, she chose the next best pair.

I look forward to tomorrow. I will be completely free to do what I want, since I have not be trained. I will focus on organizing the hosiery stockroom, if it needs any organizing. I will also try to replenish stock.

I look forward to 8 hours of organizing hosiery. I love it.

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