Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why We Should Wear Turtlenecks

The other day, I came to the conclusion that turtlenecks and hosiery can create a sporty look, and felt that you could benefit from them. Therefore, I created a 2 part series of blog posts about turtlenecks. Read the remainder of my post for some reasons for adding turtlenecks to your wardrobe.

We should wear turtlenecks to aid in the layered look. Some people prefer this fashion, and turtlenecks contribute to that. They can be worn under other shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters.

Lately, there has been a small trend of wearing long sleeved t-shirts [more photos] under short sleeved shirts. The trend might go away after a while, but I am confident that it will remain strong enough for us to be able to wear them on rare occasions. I think that there is room for us to change that trend a little, and wear the turtlenecks under t-shirts, instead of long sleeved t-shirts under t-shirts.

We should wear turtlenecks to keep warmer in colder temperatures. Turtlenecks keep the moving air off our necks.

We should wear turtlenecks to keep cooler in hotter temperatures. Obviously it might be harder in summer, but even in the summer mornings, when the air is cool, the sun can still warm up the skin very quickly. Since they keep the sun off of our skin, they will keep us cooler.

We should wear turtlenecks to keep our outer layers clean. For example, I might only have 1 uniform shirt. Do I want to wash it every day or 2? If I wear turtlenecks underneath that 1 uniform shirt, then I could throw the turtlenecks in the laundry as necessary, and wash the uniform shirt when it is convenient. They do a great job at protecting sweaters that need to be dry cleaned.

I hope that you can see that wearing turtlenecks keeps you warm, keeps you cool, and helps to make washing easier. This blog post did not really touch on hosiery, but the benefits of turtlenecks do apply to everybody, including us, who want to wear hosiery. Tomorrow, I will post the second half of this series, which will be about things to consider when buying turtlenecks.

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