Thursday, September 29, 2011

Used Hosiery: Bungee Cord Replacements #4

Generally speaking bungee cords are used for things which need to be tied down snugly and securely. However, there are times, when you will need to use some kind of cord that expands and contracts to fit a task, and the cord will not need to pull very hard.

Read the remainder of my post for how to use hosiery instead of bungee cords.

This blog post is the fourth part in a small series about how you can make the best use of your damaged hosiery, when using them instead of bungee cords.

If you do not need a pouch, then you could fasten down the panty portion to a firm object, instead of fastening the knot. This would allow you to choose between using 2 legs for securing 2 things, or just 1 loop for ease of use. Also, if you follow the instructions below, then the fastened portion of the hosiery would be stronger.

To make best use of the panty portion, if you decide to fasten it down, roll the panty portion tightly length wise. In other words, start with the left or right side of the panty portion, and then roll towards the opposite side, as opposed to starting at the top or starting and the gusset. The legs should dangle freely, and you should be able to see the entire top of the waist band, or most of it.

Use twist ties to prevent the roll from unravelling.

Fasten the panty portion to the wall. You would need to fasten it about a centimeter or about half an inch below the waist band. If you used a nail to fasten it, then twist the roll about 90 degrees, then pull down, and then nail the part that is twisted 90 degrees. The idea is that twisting helps to ensure that all of the fabric takes some weight, pulling helps to spread the weight to just above each fastener, instead of just the lower fastener.

I could imagine that these instructions are a bit complex for some people. Do you understand them? Is it worth it for you to use something like this?

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