Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cathay Pacific Stewardess Uniforms Too Sexy?

It seems that cheer leaders are not the only pretty women, who are unhappy. Stewardesses have been complaining about harassment, and they blame it on the uniforms. You can see them wear pantyhose under their skirts, which come down to just above their knees.

It is hard for me to form an opinion here, because I have not seen the uniforms in action. In and of itself, such complaints are important, since we do not want them to be harassed. Also, I want them to be happy with their uniforms. Also, I think that modesty is very important.

I am just concerned that they might be trouble makers. I would need to see them bend down and reach up. If they can make their uniforms appear to be revealing by bending and reaching, then they have a fair complaint.

Then again, like the airline says, they are welcome to exchange their uniforms for a better size. So, there is no need to complain at all.

The airline gave them chance to give feedback, and got no major complaints during the two month trial period.

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  1. I don't think they're too sexy. They look rather conservative.

    1. I don't think that they're too sexy, either, as shown. However, the complaint is for when the stewardesses reach and bend.

      I honestly sympathize with them, but I would have to see the uniforms in action to be convinced. They are there to work, so they should be heard.

      Then again, they had a chance to complain at the beginning, so I'm a bit skeptical, too.

      I personally think that they are a bit on the sexy side of the boundary between conservative and sexy. You can clearly see their knees, which counts for sexiness.