Monday, May 12, 2014

TV Show: The Good Wife

Le Noir Auteur recommended The Good Wife as 1 of the top ten shows. I have watched bits of it, and all of the characters seem respectable, so I am not surprised. So, if you want a different show to watch, this Friday, then try The Good Wife

The star of the show is Alicia Florrick. However, the gal that you want to look at is at the far right in this photo: Archie Panjabi.

cast of 'The Good Wife'

Usually, she wears boots and clothes, as shown in the above photo. Here is a rare glimpse of her in high heels, instead of boots.

cast of 'The Good Wife'

I was beginning to wonder if her lower legs were scarred or something, because of how often her lower legs were covered up, but I guess not.

I always look forward to seeing her wear sheers.

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