Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bought Crocs

I bought a pair of Crocs yesterday. I like wearing footwear in the home. Footwear helps to protect the carpet, my socks, my hosiery, and my feet. I think that it keeps all of them cleaner. It also helps to protect the hosiery that we buy. There could be something sharp in the carpet, or maybe the hosiery might snag against a rough surface. It is just not worth the risk in normal situations.

My pair is pure black. It is size 7, and fits very well, even though my foot is a size 6.5.

image of Crocs Classic Clog

I have not had a chance to try it out with footed hosiery, but I intend to. I am looking forward to it. I have tried them with socks and with bare feet, and from what little I can tell, Crocs with hosiery is going to work well.

The rubber is slightly softer compared to regular shoe soles, and other kinds of slippers and sandals. It is not the softest, but it is softer.

It so wide in the toes that it is hard for me to touch the sides when I stretch my toes apart.

1 thing that I really wanted was the heel strap. When I wear socks that are so thick and slippery, it is hard for footwear to grip the sock covered foot. I also like the heel strap being simple enough to move out of the way for easy foot insertion. The heel strap should come in handy for when I wear hosiery, since some kinds of hosiery might be too slippery. It seems that the people, who invented this, really had something special in mind.

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