Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wore Shorts And Hosiery Today

I volunteered as a production assistant for Becoming Sophie, which is different from the other movie with the same name. I have 2 pieces of good news.

The small good news is that I got a chance to show off some nice mostly opaque navy blue hosiery. They got to see a straight guy in hosiery and shorts. I do not know if they know if I am straight, though. Since I was doing this as volunteer work, they got good work out of me. That means that when they see a guy in hosiery, they see hosiery on a guy in good light.

The big good news is that I got a chance to speak to the star of the show, who is also the writer of the show and the highest producer. She did so much work for her production. I was able to explain to her that I learned about trends and wanted to put it to use with a fashion trend. I was also able to share a bit about how I got started selling hosiery.

We took a few moments to talk about supporting the guy in her life, if he decided to wear, and she agreed to do it. She asked about me feeling a bit squished, when I wear them, and if I recall correctly, I explained that I just adjust myself if needed, and that I usually simply chose a pair that does not squish. I shared that even just wearing ordinary underwear and pants also created the squished feeling. After all, pants can be heavy fabric, and it can weigh down my genitalia.

We also discussed how newer styles do not slip down as easily.

An interesting thing is that she touched my knee, when she wanted to indicate what she was talking about. This shows that she has no fear or disgust regarding men in hosiery. She seemed very supportive in her body language and what she said.

So, we have a new supporter, and potentially a gal, who will wear more.

Thank you for reading!

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