Friday, May 9, 2014

Crocs With Tights And Crocs With Thick Socks

image of Crocs Classic Clog

Yesterday, I got a chance to try the Crocs that I bought the day before with a pair tights. It was a positive experience. I did not want anything too slippery.

I certainly would enjoy a pair of slippery footwear, just for the slippery sensation, but I do not want my indoor footwear to normally be slippery, unless they are easy to secure in another way.

The Crocs seemed to hold on well without risk of falling off, and yet, they were still easy to remove.

I will have to try Crocs will slipperier hosiery to say for sure, but this is definitely looking good. I think that even if a pair of hosiery could become too slippery for a pair of Crocs, then Crocs would still be worth while, because I could always wear a pair of hosiery that is not slippery.

The only time that I tried Crocs with footed hosiery was when I was getting ready to leave, and when I got home. I ended up getting changed into thick woolen socks, because I currently, I am wearing footless hosiery at home.

The thick sock made the Crocs uncomfortable, because my Crocs are not big enough. That is fine, though. Once the socks wear out, everything will be better. Also, I could wear different socks, if it really mattered.

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