Friday, May 16, 2014

Do We Stand Along Side Men Who Support L'eggs?

I assume that some men will not care about L'eggs discrimination against men. They will continue to buy L'eggs hosiery.

Perhaps they will have the best success in finding the best products for their needs, when they buy L'eggs. Since hosiery can cost a lot after many purchases, I can understand why they would avoid other brands, that might not work well for these guys.

Also, there is the shipping cost of other brands, or even the location of other brands. Maybe another brand costs a few dollars more per pair, and perhaps it also costs a few dollars more for shipping. If it does, then I can imagine the total cost being twice as much per pair.

We could always stop reading their blog posts and their tweets, but then again, we should keep in touch with those we disagree with.

We could always scold them for supporting bad companies. However, I do not really want to become a judge of who is guilty of supporting L'eggs. I do not want to creates rules and laws and exceptions.

Wearing hosiery is supposed to be a positive experience, and I do not want a whole society popping up, where we have self-appointed rulers over ordinary members. Could you imagine what life would be like if we had to do that for candy or cake? Imagine this: every time we hear about somebody eating candy/cake from a company that supports sweat shop labour and skin colour discrimination, then we report him to a group leader. That would make eating candy and cake so painful, even if we are not the people being punished.

So far, I think that the best tools that we have available are expressing our disapproval of the guys who buy L'eggs hosiery, and compassionate persuasion.

Expressing our disapproval is straight forward enough, but before we do that, we should ask them why they did not buy another brand. I think that that is a fair question. L'eggs discriminates against men, even though it does not improve or ruin their marketing campaign. People only perceive the acceptance of men wearing hosiery as ruining the campaign.

Ultimately, it is really L'eggs, who is committing this sin, and not the supporters. I think that men really might have a justifiable reason for supporting L'eggs, but they must give an account.

Compassionate persuation is useful for us. After all, men should really think of themselves as on the same side. Therfore, it makes sense that men try to reason with each other in gentleness and kindness. I am not good at winning people over. Therefore, I offer no advice other than trying to see why the person continues to support such a company.

In other words, listening to the person, no matter what technique you use is a definite idea.

I am very eager to read your thoughts on this. What should we do with L'eggs supporters? Am I being to strict?

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I am long time wearer of L'eggs, particularly their Active Support line to help control my Restless Leg Syndrome. I agree that L'eggs discriminates against men, primarily with their contests, but I believe just stop buying their product will not forward our position or our argument.

    What? How? Simple, as men, we need to show it MORE that we wear their product. We need to verbally speak out that we wear L'eggs products and keep telling L'eggs that they need to include us. The more we speak out, the more they may be willing to listen to us. If we stop all together, then they have what they want...just women buying and wearing their product.

    Sure, they will still get our money, but we men will still be wearing and showing off their product, which what they seem to not want. Yes, they are a great value and provide good benefits, but we as men need to be more and more vocal about it! What kills our movement is the fetish side of the coin and that frightens them. Yes, we'll never get rid of that stigma, but we need to show that there regular men out there that wear for fashion or for medical needs...yes, that must include trans-gender and crossdresser as well.

    We as men who do wear hosiery need to stop hiding our faces and stop being silent and voice their opinions and bring this to light in order to gain more acceptance!