Tuesday, May 27, 2014

L'eggs Reaction To My Complaint

I shared my discontent about L'eggs with L'eggs on its Facebook page. Here is their response.

Eugene, thank you for being such a loyal fan of hosiery and L’eggs. While the Lucky Egg Sweepstakes was open to females only, there have been and will be other opportunities for men to participate in our promotions later this year. We hear your concern and appreciate your point of view on this topic. We hope to see you participate in upcoming programs. Thanks!

I appreciate any response that I can get, but I do not accept it as a satisfactory response, because they might let us buy things in some promotions, but not give us any free stuff. If they intend to offer male-only contests, then that is something else.

A male-only contest would be a credible form of acknowledgement, but it need not cost a lot. Even if the winner only got a $10 pair + shipping and handling, I feel that it would be just great. The important things are the acknowledgement and the fun. So, the contest would have to be fun in some sort of way.

I realize that the male market is small. They do need to be careful, but contests do not have to be expensive. They could reduce the shipping costs by letting the winner buy a pair from a local store, and then reimburse him.

Thank you for reading!

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