Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Was Seen Wearing Opaques

I wore my usual hosiery and shorts today, when I went for an acting audition.

The people waiting for the audition must have seen me, because I spent a few moments pulling up my footless hosiery for the actual audition. I assumed that the casting director wanted to see my bare legs, since they got me to audition as a swimmer. I pulled up my t-shirt sleeves, too.

When I got off of the last bus for the return trip, I saw a guy looking at my legs. At least, I thought that he was, at first. When I kept an eye on him, as I walked, I could see him still looking down at my legs.

My first impression was that he was looking at me in shock and disgust. I thought about it, and then assumed that he might be a secret hosiery wearer, and maybe--just maybe--I might have been the inspiration that he needed to wear publically. I doubt it, but it is exciting to think about!

Hmm. I was about to publish this blog post, and then I realized that if he knew the difference between opaque hosiery and sports legwear, then he probably had a good knowledge about hosiery. That means that he was probably a hosiery wearer.

I was wearing grey opaque footless hosiery at the time. The colour might have made it easier for him to see that it was not just regular sports legwear, which is usually black. The glaring sun might have made it even harder to see what kind black clothing I would have wore, if I did wear black.

Thank you for reading!

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