Thursday, August 12, 2010

Article: Lady Gaga Before She Was Famous

This article has some nice photos of Lady GaGa, before she was Lady GaGa: Brunette GaGa BEFORE she was famous. I find her hosiery photos to be immodest, but interesting. It seems that she has a real preference for hosiery, since she wore them in many of her photos before and during her fame.

I've heard her sing on YouTube, and honestly, I'm quite impressed. She has a good voice.

I wonder if she lives a fairly normal life in her private life. I guess that most performers take off their costumes when they are alone, but does she have some kind of weird clothing style in private and public, or does she have some kind of weird clothing style only in public? I have a feeling that she only does in public, and that she's just doing it for attention, which is what most people seem to say.

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