Friday, August 13, 2010

Hosiery Review: Secret Hosiery Comfy Top [Style #5530] [Opaque Waistband Free Hosiery]

About a week or 2 ago, I tried on Secret's Comfy Top style [style #5530]. I was very pleased with how it felt. I did not wash it ahead of time. It seemed a bit rougher than I would have wanted, but I definitely still found them very pleasurable to touch. So, you can imagine how good it will feel after it gets its first washing. I have a feeling that it will be great.

Read the remainder of the blog entry for more specific details.

I took a closer look at the top. It turns out that they doubled up the entire panty portion, so you end up getting 2 thick layers. The only seams are the standard vertical seam, and the joining at the leg. Before I tossed them into the laundry, I tried it without underwear, because of how thick it was. It felt just great on its own. I think that each person would have a different preference, because each of us is a different size.

For sizing, I'm about 125 lbs, and 5'6", and I wore a size C.

I tried searching on-line, so that you can see it for yourself, but I could not find a single on-line store that sells them. I purchased mine at The Bay.

I definitely recommend this.


  1. I second this review. They are amazing for the price! They did not fall down at all during the day and did not feel uncomdortable. The material is fabulous, I am not afraid that they will run unexpectedly while I wear them! I am 5'9 and 200lbs, I purchased size D. I got mine at Zellers.

  2. Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. The rep from Doris Hosiery mentioned something like this. She said that waistless hosiery could be bought from London Drugs.

  3. I bought a pair at London Drugs. I haven't gone out walking in them yet but so far I LOVE them. I'm 5'9" and 184 lbs, and a D seems like a good fit for me.

  4. Great! Thanks for the feedback.

    A customer is looking for low rise hosiery. I might recommend this to her.