Thursday, August 19, 2010

Survey About Men Wearing Hosiery At The Work Place

I thought that it might be worth while for us to take a survey of the hosiery situation. Would you all do the community a favour, and fill in 1 of the surveys below? 1 survey is for men who are currently wearing hosiery in the work place, whether or not they are allowed to. The other is for men who are not currently wearing hosiery in the work place, whether or not they are allowed to. Please do only 1 or the other, but not both.

  • men who do wear
  • men who do not wear

I will create a special page to list all the surveys that I have created, that are still available. The link to the survey page should be easy to find. Just scroll up, and find "Open Surveys".

Read the remainder of the blog entry, if you are curious about what I intend to do with the survey data.

I want to collect all the private serious stuff, and post it in this blog, or on a web site. I'm not an expert, so I won't be able to provide you with much meaningful information.

I will also do the same with the private fun information. Because it is not so serious, I will post it separately.

If anybody shares any testimonies, then I will post each testimony in a separate blog entry.

In the mean time, I will give you frequent updates about how many people have responded. I'm hoping to wait until 100 people have responded to the survey, since only 100 people are allowed to participate.


  1. I wear pantyhose and tights 24/7 just love wearing not a fetish with me

  2. There is no problem with me for men wearing tights as they were the first ones to wear them centuries ago ( Robin Hood for ex.).
    Fashion Hosiery 101

    1. Frankie, thanks for your comment. It's good to know what women think.

  3. i love wearing pantyhose and tights love the shiny ones most i wear 24/7

  4. Men do it under work pants so what?

  5. Warmth and protection of veins, some guys are kinky. I have before, hose are socks more or less. People are hung up on Panty..panties if they were just called tights like they call them in the UK no biggee. European men are wearing them..