Saturday, August 21, 2010

Made Second Pair Of Shorts Less Baggy

I finally made the second pair of shorts less baggy for yesterday's volunteer work.

Read more for my thoughts on the appearance of them.

The shorts are not as attractive as I had hoped, but I'd still be happy to wear it outside of the house. They turned out a bit baggy around the hips. 1 wonderful thing is that they are comfortable. Another wonderful thing is that they are functional, in that they have a lot of pocket space to carry the things that I need for an outing. My favourite black shorts are different in that they do not have any bagginess, and the pockets are not useful, in that they are difficult to reach into, and items make the pockets bulge so much.

For these uglier shorts, I just did a rush job, because if I spent too much time on them, then I'd start the day late. Lately, I've been really late, or I have missed appointments altogether. So, I was really determined to get the basics taken cared of, and not worry about the lesser details.

Another reason that I did a rush job was because I wanted to try rushing through a project, to see how well I could perform. I've learned that I could perform much better, when I slow down, remeasure several times, but I wanted to push myself this time around. Overall, the shorts turned out okay, in that you can't see the unevenness unless you look, because the baggy-reduction adjustments were done on the inside seam.

I feel bad about rushing, in a sense, because we should be wearing our best clothes to ensure that we give a good appearance to our fashion trend. I still think that it was necessary to have this outfit because people do activities which almost require grubby clothing [e.g. manual labour, mountain climbing]. This kind of clothing would allow us to bring hosiery into those situations. The only problem is that I might end up wearing that stuff into more formal situations, which could give us a bad reputation. Hopefully that will never happen.

I noticed that the faded black appearance of my shorts make them look grey. Perhaps a safe rule of thumb is to wear grey opaque hosiery underneath to match the apparent colour of the shorts.

I now have 1 more pair of pants to convert to shorts. This pair needs to be done very carefully, in that much planning will be required, even though the project only requires 3 main adjustments.

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