Saturday, August 7, 2010

Articles: Hosiery May Come Back In Style Again Thanks To Kate Moss

It seems that Kate Moss is leading the way in bringing sheer hosiery back into the mainstream.

I think that this is an exciting opportunity for women. I hope that many of the female hosiery advocates are looking into this. I also hope that hosiery businesses capitalize on this.

I also wonder how men can take advantage of this. On my first thought, it seems like we should try to bring sheer hosiery into the mainstream man's wardrobe. Maybe it's the opposite. Maybe we should try to bring opaque hosiery into the mainstream man's wardrobe, and leave sheer hosiery for the ladies. Even though sheer hosiery is okay for men, maybe having a visible difference between men's and women's hosiery would make it easier for women to accept hosiery on men.


  1. Hi Eugene,
    Thanks for the link to Kate Moss. Yes, hosiery is in resurgence, but many have not discovered the allure of patterned sheers and open weaves.

    Check out my Signature Collection at We've only just begun to tap the surface of accessorizing our legs!

  2. Hi Hallie.

    You're welcome. It's great to have a perspective from a hosiery business owner. Thank you for your contribution.

    Could you tell us what "open weave" means? I've never heard of it before. Can you point to a few or your products as examples of open weave hosiery?

    I checked it out. It looks nice. I wish that I could get my hands on the colourful hosiery. They look nice.

    You say that we've just begun to tap the surface. What do you think that the future holds?

    Sincerely, and with thanks,
    Eugene T.S. Wong

  3. Hi all.

    Hallie responded to my email address, instead of the comment above. She gave me permission to post the response.

    "Open weave: any pattern that is not a tight knit. Includes fishnets and other tights that have tight designs interspersed with open spaces, large or small. A great example is Style 201, Wild 'N Fun in my Signature Collection on my website. Check it out--I think you'll get the idea. Open weave styles allow for lots of creativity in the designs." -- Hallie