Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Used Hosiery: More Information Regarding Sewing Nylon And Spandex

sooz wrote a blog entry on stretch fabrics: sewing with knits. I found that very informative for my goals. I wrote her a comment, and asked about sewing hosiery. She responded. I'll post the short discussion in the remainder of the blog entry for back up. If you have an interest in sewing, then I recommend that you check out her blog entry. For more ideas, click used, which can also be found in the right column of this page, under Popular Topics.

Eugene T.S. Wong said... Wow. Thanks for the great blog entry. Do you know how to pantyhose material? I ask because I tried, and it the seam didn't stretch as much as the seams made by the manufacturer. I tried the zigzag stitch and the closest thing to a seam stitch [probably seam 14 in your photo]. For example, imagine buying 2 pairs [1 pair white and 1 pair black], then cutting them in half, and then sewing them back together so that each new pair is white and black combined. How would you do it? -- Sincerely, and with thanks, Eugene T.S. Wong 6:00 PM
sooz said... Eugene I wouldn't bother trying to sew pantyhose fabric on a domestic machine, that's a bridge too far! Perhaps on an overlocker with a fair amount of fiddling with tension, stitch length and so on...but anything that's super super stretchy will be very difficult, sorry! 8:18 PM
Eugene T.S. Wong said... :^) That's not good news, but it's good that you saved me time and money. :^D The thing that I love about your blog, is that you actually answer readers. Some bloggers want feedback and readership, but they never respond to the readers. Thank you very much for everything! :^) 4:33 AM

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