Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few things have been happening with me and In the remainder of the blog entry, I wrote about 2 of those things: Hallie's response; a couple of styles that could be alternatives for American Apparel's colourful hosiery.

Hallie, from made a special effort to comment in 1 of my blog entries. I asked her a question, and then she responded via email. I posted her response, with permission, in the comment area.

Since American Apparel might discontinue their variety of colours, I think that it is important to find alternatives. Since we are on the topic of, I'd like to point out that they have 2 bright colours that you might like as alternatives. They are a bit too feminine for tastes, but they are colourful.

If you have any experience with their products, then please post a review.


  1. As far as alternatives to American Apparel for colors, what immediately comes to mind is Their women's microfiber tights are great, but don't come in sizes for large men. I'm not too impressed with their less expensive men's and women's nylon tights. They also sell leggings, but I haven't tried those.

  2. Yeah, I'm surprised that they would even bother selling men's 100% nylon hosiery. What's that all about? Even their photos don't portray them as being very worth while. Honestly, if they would send me a pair of those for free, I would wonder if I should even bother to try them on.

    Have you actually tried the microfiber hosiery?

  3. Yes, I've tried the microfiber tights, and like them a lot. The size chart seems accurate, and the larger size fits up to 168 lbs. They probably don't have microfiber for men because they also don't have it in plus sizes. Comfilon tights are nicer, but I also like the welovecolors microfiber ones and wear them often. I'd say it's definitely worth trying a pair, but don't bother with the styles which are not microfiber.

    I think the reason for the 100% nylon tights is for people who are looking for inexpensive tights that won't be worn a lot, such as tights for a costume. I wouldn't be surprised if a large portion of their sales are for costumes rather than for daily wear.

  4. Oh, I see what you're saying now.

    Yeah, I've thought about the costume aspect of hosiery. People could probably save a lot of money on hosiery, if they only bought 100% nylon, when buying costume hosiery.

    Thanks for the mini review of their hosiery. It's so hard to know, sometimes.

  5. Hmm. I just thought of something. Maybe Steve could buy the colour hosiery portion of the American Apparel business. He could probably turn a profit and keep the colour hosiery business going.

  6. I am not sure that you are aware that there is another great alternative.
    our brand that is made in the USA and competitely priced is a fashion forward product.
    Tulip Nin and Envy Legwear are our brands - and we are introducing these at the upcoming Accessories show on Jan 8-10 2012
    all desings (from sublimated prints to knitted designs ) are products that will make a major upgrade to what is presently in the market

    Ed Lemack

  7. Hi Edward. Thanks for the info and the web site.

    Could you tell us a bit about the sublimated prints? What is that?

    Do you want people to write reviews for your products?