Sunday, August 15, 2010

Turned 2 Pairs Of Pants Into Shorts

A couple of days ago, I finished hemming up a couple of pairs of pants into shorts. These 2 pairs were done for practice, so that I would be at my best when I convert a brown pair of pants into shorts. I'm looking forward to working on the brown pair.

Read the remainder of the blog entry for more information on what happened.

Overall, the hemming of the first 2 pairs turned out very well. The leg lengths are even, and the stitches seemed even, also. These 2 projects really boosted my confidence. I'm glad that I was able to use the machine on them so easily. With dress pants and dress shorts, I would be very inclined to do it by hand, to ensure that no threads show through. For all others, from now on, I'll stick to using a machine and use regular stitches.

The first 2 pairs of shorts are extremely casual wear.

I'll probably only wear the first pair at home. I started working on this pair, when I started sewing, because I wanted to practice converting baggy pants into ordinary slim slacks. I also added button holes, and buttons in place of the zipper fly, because I used the zipper for something else.

I'll probably wear the second pair, when I'm at home, when I have to make quick errands, when doing outdoorsy stuff, or when I don't want to ruin my favourite clothes. The second pair is good as is, but I'd like to make them slim [they are baggy right now], and add cargo pockets. The cargo pockets should combine well with the faded appearance to create a suitable style for the garment.

The third pair is the brown pair. I think that it will expand my wardrobe well, so that hosiery will look a bit more mainstream.

It would be nice to get a navy blue pair, or something in a very similar colour.

Questions? Comments?

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