Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Bay's Hosiery Department Moved

The Bay, in downtown Vancouver, moved the hosiery department to the fourth floor, from the first floor.

I think that that is too bad, because we now have to travel so far.


  1. The large Macy's store at Union Square in San Francisco did the same thing, moving the hosiery department to one of the top floors. I always check it out when I visit San Francisco, because they have a large selection. On my last visit, I couldn't find it on my own and had to ask directions. The woman I spoke to was very friendly, and didn't seem surprised at all that a man might be looking for the hosiery department.

    I think this must be a direct result of a decrease in sales of hosiery. They're using the most prominent locations in the store for the most popular products, which seems appropriate to me. Of course there is a kind of chicken and egg effect. Moving the department could itself reduce sales.

  2. I was under the impression that sales had increased, but I guess not.

    1 thing that I found interesting, is that when they moved the hosiery upstairs, they used the space to sell purses, but the purses were so spread out, that I do not think of the space being well used. Maybe purses sell really well.

  3. Pacific Passions in Pacifica has a fairly good hoisery selection. They are new, right across from the Post Office on Manor drive in the old Bearly Worn consignment store.