Monday, September 27, 2010

Recommended Long/Tall Hosiery For Metro Vancouver, Canada: Jessica; Jockey; Long Tall Sally

This information is focused on Metro Vancouver, but is also useful for other parts of Canada, and the US.

So, I did some digging, and it seems that there is still a tall women's clothing store in Vancouver: The Tall Girl Shop. It turns out that they combined with Long Tall Sally.

Unfortunately, their hosiery is hard to find on the web site. You have to type "tights" in the search field.

Although it is a UK company, they do have stores in Canada and the US. I will visit the store to confirm availability of products and sizes.

They do not just sell their own brand of clothing. For example, they also sell Jockey hosiery, in the Vancouver store. If you prefer, you can order Jockey hosiery from Jockey's site, since Long Tall Sally does not seem to sell Jockey hosiery at

I think that it would be worth ordering Jockey hosiery, because of my own experience with Jockey, and also because the sizing chart seems to indicate an understanding that people are sometimes 6'2" tall.

Also, I like Jockey's web site, because of the fact that customers can give reviews. 1 of their reviews gives good information on product sizing, saying that her pair was too tight. I understand where the woman is coming from, and could imagine that the size would not work for her, but for my next hosiery purchase, I would choose the next size up, to see if that works for me. The hardest pair to find is a pair that is perfect or too long, so if width/diameter are the only problems, then the next width up is your size.

1 thing that occurred to me is that Sears' brand, Jessica, might have accurate sizing charts. I believe this to be the case, because I tried several of their opaque pairs, and they all seem to reach the top of the leg, and yet, they still have some stretch left over, and they still remain very opaque.

I think that the future is bright for hosiery and tall women.

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