Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Volunteering: Talked To ESL Student About Hosiery On Monday

Yesterday, I was speaking with a student to help her practice her conversation English. During that time, she mentioned shopping. So, I slowly turned the conversation towards men in hosiery. I was the first guy wearing it, that she ever saw. We never really talked about why I wanted to wear it. She seemed to explain that she did not really care about whether or not guys would wear it, even though she felt that guys should not wear it.

On Tuesday late afternoon, I will volunteer again at a performance, as a ticket seller. This time, I intend to try to wear beige shorts and white opaque hosiery. I will let you know what happens on Wednesday.

Check back on Friday, when I post a blog entry about my volunteer experience with a business expo. I intend wear a business appropriate outfit with hosiery.

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