Friday, September 3, 2010

Hiking Up The Mountain

I hiked up a mountain. For the hosiery related details, keep reading this blog entry.

I think that because nobody said anything, and because we enjoyed each other's company, they probably did not care about whether or not I wore hosiery.

I wore these things.

  • ugly white t-shirt
  • swim shorts [I didn't want to take chances and ruin my other shorts]
  • brownish grey mostly opaque footless hosiery
  • socks
  • ugly runners

The mostly opaque hosiery used to be regular footed full support hosiery, but I felt that it was not comfortable. They were really too short, but the fabric and the width of the hosiery legs were just about right, if not perfect. To salvage them, I decided to convert them into footless hosiery.

I cut along the seams of each of the toe areas, being careful to leave the seams fully in tact, so that there would not be any runs along at least 1 side of each new hole. For the side of the hole, without the seam, I just dabbed in some clear nail polish.

The hosiery is so short that it is capri length, even though I never removed any fabric at all. I think that this is a testimony to how short the hosiery really is.

I've had great success with all of these particular pairs that I have converted, and I love it. Deliberately buying this style, even though it is too short, just to convert them, is now an option. I would still try to buy a longer length, if available, but this length is not a complete turn off. I highly recommend it to everybody.

If you do decide to do this, then I suggest that you try to put the heel portion around your calves. I believe that this will make the hosiery hold its position better on your legs.

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