Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Recommendation: SheerGeek

I noticed a lot of new traffic has been coming my way, and 1 of the sources is SheerGeek's blog. I took a look, and it was good. He has a lot of product news.

As I went through his blog, I was just thought up an idea. If we want to write about products, then perhaps we could submit the review to his blog, to keep everything in 1 central location. To give ourselves some traffic, we could place a link in the writing to our own blogs. To ensure that our readers still recognize that we are producing that content, we could announce the new blog entry by writing a short blog entry, directing the readers to the full length blog entry. SheerGeek, what do you think?


  1. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for alerting your readers to my blog.

    I will have a think about your suggestion; I like the idea, but I will have to work out the feasability of implementing this into the blog. I will post again when I know more...

    Sheer Geek.

  2. Great. I look forward to keeping in touch.