Saturday, September 18, 2010

Volunteering: Fringe Fest Performance

I went out to Granville Island. Read the remainder of the journal entry for the details. I will not use my preferred well structured format to share the details, since I am tired, and since I am running behind schedule.

I wore off-black Phantom Support [or something like that], which was just a repacked style of Energizer. It felt good, and the length was good, but it did not wick away moisture from my feet. I think that that had more to do with the shoe, though.

As far as wearing hosiery went, the day went well. I went for a ride on Aquabus. This is a different company than False Creek Ferries. I am glad that I did not wear my favourite shorts, because I think that 1 of the ferry seats had a shoe print on it, and because in another ferry, the staff often stood on 1 of the seats, and also during the day, a kid's foot brushed up against my leg.

I also spent time conducting 9 surveys, while on Granville Island, for some puzzles that I am trying to develop. It all went well, and people were supportive. This implies that the clothing was not a big deal. It also implies that I managed to expose more of them to men in hosiery.


  1. Hey man! We talked today on Granville Street. Really cool style! I wish I could pull it off like you can.

  2. Hi Timothy.

    Thanks again, for approaching me on Granville St., and saying the encouraging comments about my style.

    I encourage you and others to follow my blog. Maybe, 1 day, you can pull it off.

    Hosiery Advocate
    [a.k.a. Eugene T.S. Wong]