Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ESL Student's Response

I was having a good session with my student, so I decided to ask her about my hosiery. It seems that she has no problems with guys wearing hosiery in Canada. She only thinks that it is inappropriate in Korea. I asked her if it seemed gay. She said, "No. No!". So there you have have it. For every person that seems to have a problem, there are a million that do not.

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  1. I will say that I used to have a pantyhose fetish. But I will claim that I cured it.

    I cured my pantyhose fetish NOT because I deprived myself from my urges. I cured it by looking at the causes of my fetish. Then I found out that I was actually attracted to the pantyhosed feet and toes. I was not attracted to the pantyhosed legs, as I don't have a fetish for footless pantyhose.

    I found pantyhose atrractive because I viewed them as a one-piece garment, which "binds" the feet and toes with the legs into a single bodypart. Sort of like how over-the-knee boots are appealing because they lock up the feet and toes and deprive them the freedom of movement. So I found that I wasn't attracted to pantyhose because of the garment itself, but because of the so-called "masochistic" aspect of it.

    As soon as I realized that my attraction to pantyhose is actually caused by a masochistic aspect, my fetish somehow faded away. Hard to explain...