Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Volunteering: Fringe Fest Volunteer Appreciation Party

The Fringe Festival really took good care of their volunteers. I appreciate the way that they offered refreshments, and offered a nice party at the end of it all. This implies, to me, that they are not recruiting volunteers just to save money. Read on, to find out how the night went.

Since this was a party, I wanted to wear something that could come across as party wear. I ended up wearing just my so-so clothing. The idea is that the place probably was not very clean, and I did not want to wear my nice clothes. I just wore opaque grey hosiery with my grey [actually faded black] shorts. The colours seemed to be perfectly even.

Overall, the party went well. Nobody said anything.

I did spend much time, before and after the party, conducting surveys. Overall, the experience went well, with most people saying nothing.

1 person turned out to be drunk. He said that he had a difficult time trusting a guy who wears tights. At first, I almost chuckled. I smiled because it did not really phase me at the time, and because he was drunk. Another guy, who happened to be standing there, laughed. I do not know why he would laugh. Maybe he felt uncomfortable, or something. I almost felt more offended by him, than the drunk guy. I do not know who offended me more.

Anyhow, the surveys went fairly well.

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