Monday, September 6, 2010

Volunteering: Performance

Last Wednesday, I volunteered at a performance, as a greeter. I accepted the tickets, when the audience members went in.

It was interesting, because before the show, a fellow asked me if I was wearing stockings. I was wearing black day sheers. I told him that I was. Eventually, he asked me about it, and I explained that I was trying to raise awareness about straight guys, hosiery, prescription hosiery, etc. I doubt that he was convinced to wear them, but he never said anything negative or positive. It was hard to read him. I was too busy looking around. I wonder if he felt offended. In fact, he was looking around also. It was busy enough that we were probably both distracted.

1 interesting question that he asked was about whether or not there are any men's sizes. That surprised me, because I didn't expect it to occur to him.

We can consider 1 more guy to be informed.

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