Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals For 2011

Happy New Year. I wish you all the best for 2011. It is cliche but true.

Sorry for the late post. I have been a little bit busy. It is 11:36p, and I still have not eaten supper yet.

Read the remainder of the blog entry for my 2011 plans.

For those of you who did not notice, this past week, I tried using Twitter to post details of my outings. I tried to give real time updates. I intend to do this more often. It seemed successful. You can follow my antics and adventures. If you have any questions during the outings, then you can Tweet me, and then I will try to respond right away. I will try to announce my plans in this blog, so that you could know when to turn on your cell phones. You can live vicariously through me. :^)

I intend to go through with the hosiery group purchase idea, but it really needs more development. I will create more surveys. Please do take time out to fill in the surveys as they come, and let me know of any ideas that you have.

I would like to hold special events for my book, but I am not sure of how to go about doing that.

I would like to write about sewing hosiery. I think that there is a big interest in sewing hosiery, because people find my blog through those searches. Since I did gain experience with hemming up the hosiery shorts, I can probably offer some insight there.


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