Friday, January 7, 2011

Last Week's Friday Fun Poll Results: Wearing Fringe Tights

Last week, I asked about us wearing fringe tights. Read the remainder of the blog entries for the results.

Would You Wear A Pair Of Fringe Tights With A Pair Of Shorts?

Definitely not!67.7%2

I am glad that we answered in the negatives. This implies to me that you are reading the question, as opposed to clicking "yes" all the time.

Only 3 people answered. That speaks volumes.

I think that this particular style is not really that good for anybody, but if somebody has to wear it, then it should be the women. I am not saying that they must wear it. The idea is that women have more freedom in what they could wear, and it would be easier for them to get away with it. If I am right, then this would prove that some hosiery is definitely feminine.

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