Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Beginner Hosiery?

A friend and I discussed her friend not wearing hosiery. We thought a bit about how to get her back into them. This made me wonder what the ideal pair is for somebody who has never worn any, or who needs back into it. ;^D Read the remainder of the blog entry for my suggestions

[Disclaimer: I do not get paid to recommend this hosiery. I would gladly accept any form of payment or credit, but in this situation, I am expressing my own opinions and recommendations.]

To be a good recommendation, I would want to recommend something that comes in many shapes and sizes, that is durable, that is appropriate for all seasons, that is around $10, and that is appropriate for all occasions.

I would like to recommend something opaque, like HUE tights, but they might be too opaque for all seasons. On the positive side of things, HUE fits taller women without having to wear a plus size. In Canada, it is quite common, so it should be easy to buy.

I thought that maybe something like L'eggs Sheer Energy would also be a good candidate, because it has a good amount of spandex, to keep that snug feeling around the legs, while feeling smooth. It has good variety of colours, to suit at least 1 occasion. The pair that I tried seems to be semi-opaque. It is also quite common, if I understand correctly, so it should be easy to buy.

I think that it is a matter of trade offs. Maybe it would be good to try both.

Please leave your recommendations below, for the future readers.


  1. Somehow I missed this post, so I am commenting a bit late. For those not accustomed to hosiery, I would recommend a good, durable black opaque. Hot Sox sells a three-pack for $18, they have an fantastic hand, almost like moleskin, and they have a higher denier and thus are less likely to run. For beginners sheer pantyhose, there's something about Hanes Absolutely Ultra Sheer I really like. It's inexpensive and really comfortable, and for whatever reason, I prefer it over other less-expensive brands. That's my thought!

  2. Thanks for the great suggestion, Afra!

    For those who don't know, the hand of the fabric is how feels. The hand of 1 fabric might be soft, while another might be rough.