Sunday, January 23, 2011

Professional Athlete Advocates Compression Socks

Carl Landry is not advocating the full length hosiery that we wear, but he is doing the world a big favour by advocating compression socks. I believe that when people wear ankle high socks, they end up being less interested in full length hosiery, and that the higher the socks, the more that they'll be open to full length hosiery.


  1. That does help some, and you can see tights on some basketball players. It's slowly picking up on being accepted for men to wear hosiery openly.

  2. Do you watch basketball regularly?

    It would be good if a team, or even a league, would actually require it as part of their uniform. That would become so normal, that it would imprint itself on people's mind.

  3. It's always seemed strange to me that men can wear compression shorts and long socks without any problem, but combine them into a single garment that includes a little more fabric covering the knees, and it becomes a big deal. I agree that long socks is a good step towards more wearing of tights.

    A few years ago, tights became popular for NBA basketball players, but then the NBA banned it. I think the reason they gave was players doing it for fashion rather than for legitimate performance reasons. Some players do appear to be wearing tights, but when you look carefully, you can see they're leg sleeves, knee pads, or something else other than actual tights.

  4. Yeah, you're right about the knees. Your comment reminds me of Ken Shamrock. When joined pro wrestling, he put on knee pads above boots, which looked really weird. It looked like he was wearing thigh highs. I wondered what he was trying to do. So, in short, even I get a bit caught up in that.

    If that is true, then I/we need to focus on finding a way to connect those 2 things into 1 garment.

    Yeah, I remember those days, when the NBA guys wore tights under their uniforms. I was hoping that this would be a second chance.