Monday, January 17, 2011

Somebody Recommended HUE Super Opaque Control Top Tight

Several days ago, I tried to make a couple of suggestions for good beginner hosiery. It turns out that HUE is recommended by somebody else. Here is the choice quote from her blog entry.

I went shopping a few days ago and purchased a pair of Hue tights from Anthropologie. They were $14.50 and they're called the Super Opaque Control Top Tight. I love the look of opaque tights but have never been able to find one that's very opaque. These Hue tights are definitely one of the best I've ever tried. They're very opaque and I like that the seams aren't as noticeable as some others. I hate when you wear tights under a mini and you can see the outline of the seam. I also love that they don't fall down. Some tights are so stretchy and thin that they don't stay up on your waist. I highly suggest them if you like super opaque tights!

I plan on buying a pair to test them, and then if they are good, then I will try to update the opaquest hosiery page.

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