Friday, January 28, 2011

Last Week's Friday Fun Poll Results: Height And Weight For Group Purchases

4 of us responded. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the results.

Even though I have posted the results, I will still allow the survey to remain open, so that we could allow more people to participate.

How tall are you? If your height is not mentioned, then round up to the next height.


You 3 are tall. :^)

How much do you weigh? If your weight is not mentioned, then round up to the next weight.

130 lbs1
190 lbs1
220 lbs1
230 lbs1

I feel like such a pip squeak! :^D


It seems that we are going to have to order something really big. I think that the pair will need to look semi opaque on you guys, and mostly opaque on me. The idea is that it will not have to stretch much on me. As long as it will not slide down, then I am open to buying a large size. Hopefully, it will have a lot of spandex which should hold it up really well.


It seems that we have less people participating. If this project is ever going to work, then we will need to spread the word. If you are a blogger, or if you use Twitter, then will you announce it, please?

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