Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Interesting Way Of Rolling Up Hosiery For Storage

Last week, I read a lady's blog entry on how to roll up hosiery. It has some nice photos to illustrate the technique.

I am not sure that I want this technique for most of my hosiery, but it would make sense for packing my suitcase. I could store the rolled up hosiery in my shoes, and it would not take much extra space. The panty portion would protect the leg portion. It might also make sense for the hosiery that I wear at home, because I do not really care about its condition.


  1. You can do that if you want whatever you're rolling up to become misshapen, and/or have the waistband stretch out. I used to have a spare pair for dance rolled and tucked away in my bag, locker, etc. Unless you wear them right away, the legs become crumpled and almost develop weak spots. The elastic from binding it all together is either stretched out or completely shot. This happened repeatedly, even on heavy-duty dance tights. Who knows, though, maybe an entire locker room can be wrong!

  2. It might be just the brand of hosiery. Then again, I never tried this. The person who wrote the article never said anything about length of time, either.