Friday, January 21, 2011

Last Week's Friday Fun Poll Results: Colour Preferences For Group Purchases

I asked about our colour preferences for group purchases, and 5 of us responded. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the results.

Even though I have posted the results, I will still allow the survey to remain open, so that we could allow more people to participate.

Rate your colours according to your preference, with 1 being the least preferred and 5 being the most preferred.

Navy Blue4.0 / 5
Brown3.4 / 5
Medium Grey4.20 / 5
White1.8 / 5
Olive Green1.6 / 5


Brown Medium grey seems to be a clear winner. When it comes time to ordering, though, you will not have to choose only 1 colour. You would be able to choose any amount of them as your most preferred.

I noticed that 1 person requested 2 colours: plum and black. I will certainly mention them to the companies, but I suspect that the colours will already be available, or not popular enough. I suspect that he requested black, because the available sizes do not fit very well. After all, black is very plentiful already. To deal with sizings, I intend to request that the companies make the hosiery a little longer and or wider.

I noticed that somebody requested skin colours. They are a very good choice for many outfits. If there is interest in them, then we could definitely pursue that. I never offered it as an option, because I was under the impression that nude is common with most styles. I thought that nude would work for most people. Only 1 person requested it, so we would need more people expressing interest in it.

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