Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Asperger Syndrome And Hosiery

I am surprised that the topic of Asperger's Syndrome and hosiery came up. It seems that some Asperger's Syndrome people wear hosiery.

I believe that there is a connection, because autistic people tend to like compression to help calm themselves down. I remember seeing a documentary about how they like to go into a contraption to add pressure to their bodies. The autistic people would control the pressure with a joystick of sorts.

From my own experience, I feel so good, when that heavy lead blanket is placed on me at the dentist office. I do not get the same good feeling when I wear hosiery, but I do get a sense of completeness. I feel like I am fully clothed. Perhaps I will try to turn an old pair of hosiery into a shirt, so that I can feel some pressure around my rib cage. I wonder if it would help me to concentrate more.

I encourage you all to share testimonies and thoughts, if you are an Asperger's Syndrome person, who likes to wear hosiery or something similar.

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