Sunday, February 6, 2011

Used Hosiery: For Stopping Drafty Air

Here is a great idea about stopping drafts with old hosiery. She recommends materials and tools that seem wasteful to me. Read the remainder of the blog entry for alternative tools and materials. For more ideas, click used, which can also be found in the right column, under Popular Topics.

The author recommended filling the stopper with rice, but I think that we would be better off, if we used old hosiery entirely.

She mentioned paper towels. I bet that newspapers could do the trick. The only problem with newspapers is that the ink might rub off on something. When I delivered newspapers in high school, the ink rubbed off on my hands. I suspect that things haven't changed. Another alternative is to use old plastic bags, instead of paper towels.

She mentioned a drinking cup. I think that this is wasteful. Just take paper or paperboard and then roll it up into a funnel.

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