Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hosiery Related Interviews On Wednesdays

Lately, I have been trying to post 5 kinds of content on a regular basis, and post each on a specific day of the week. Many of you probably noticed this. Thanks for your support.

In the last week, or so, I have been interviewing Alisa, of The Stylish Fox, via email. I have had a wonderful time reading her responses. I am very surprised at the differences between her background, and ours, the Canadian and US backgrounds. She seems to be very kind and in touch with the cultures of both worlds. I am very confident, that you will enjoy reading her interview responses.

Be sure to go to that first link to read up about her, before reading the first interview questions, so that you can be a bit more prepared.

Most hosiery blogs only contain the same boring content. This is truly fresh material. It is semi-exclusive, too, because I do not think that anybody bothered to ask her any of these questions.

I asked her so many questions, that I intend to spread them out through out the weeks ahead. Every Wednesday, starting this Wednesday, I intend to post a portion of those answers. For the first Wednesday, I intend to share with you her hosiery preferences, and fashion inspiration.

Because of how successful things are, already, I already intend to start interviewing more people. Be sure to check out the other interview questions, by clicking interviews, which can also be found in the right column, under Popular Topics.

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