Monday, February 21, 2011

Tights Please Continues To Stand Up For Men

I caught this press release, where Tights Please explains to readers that a lot of normal men wear hosiery. I am very happy with it. Read the remainder of the blog entry to find out why.

By passing this news release on to a professional organization, I believe that Tights Please has portrayed itself as being more respectable. The opposite would just be an ordinary blogger [e.g. *cough* *cough* ;^p]. All kidding aside, ordinary bloggers don't have the same credibility that established businesses do. On top of that, that press release site probably reaches a different audience.

Another good thing that they did was mention that men wear them under business suits. This takes away from the fetishy associations of wearing hosiery. It makes hosiery on men look normal without mentioning the fetish, which makes it easier for people to forget about it. This makes it easier for them to ask, Why did we ever object to it in the first place?.

I have total respect for Tights Please.

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