Monday, February 28, 2011

Athletes In Hosiery Making A Comeback?

Rejoice! A couple of news articles about professional sports indicate that things are warming up for men in hosiery. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the links, an extra detail, and my opinions.

An article about how Skyforce players wear leggings to help with their performance quotes an expert who says that there is no research to back up the claims of the athletes. Fortunately, he is open to it, and is willing to support the players' desires. According to Wikipedia, The Sioux Falls Skyforce is a professional basketball team that plays in the NBA Development League..

An article about FIFA players wearing snoods just briefly mentions the men wearing tights. Officials do not seem to frown on the tights. Rather, they just seem to want to standardize on the appearances. I have no problem with that, because it is important to look good while wearing them when doing official stuff.

Both of these articles show that the mainstream world is really warming up to the appearance of men in hosiery. It is no longer about whether or not men can wear it. It is about the technical merits, or about whether or not it fits with already established uniform standards.

Also, these guys seem to be doing better than the NBA guys, last time around. Those guys were forced to not wear hosiery, whether or not the colours matched their outfits.

All of this combined with the hosiery trends of today for men and women will really give us a much needed foothold.

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