Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fun Poll: New Survey Size Feedback

Simple Poll Format Survey
Is this poll format better for simple questions that are not important?
Not at all!
Not really.
I don\'t know.
Sort of.
Pantyhose Poll
Do you wear pantyhose?
Not often.

As you can see, I created a new poll format. I used 1 of those free poll sites that are available on the web. I wanted something simple, so that we could check back on our own, without having to wait for me to post results. Creating a blog entry to post the results to a poll, when it is just for fun, is a lot of work for something that is just for fun. I hope that you will understand. I hope that you like it more than the way that I have been doing things.

The pantyhose poll is just for fun, so feel free to vote several times to get a feel for how it works. The other poll is more serious, so please try to do it only once per person. I did not use any method of checking, so that you could have more than 1 person use the same computer to vote. Feel free to vote on behalf of relatives and friends, since there is no record of any personal information.

I will continue to use the older way of doing things for more important surveys. I am sure that there must be better survey sites out there, but I do know that big companies and universities do use SurveyMonkey. Alisa already mentioned Experience Project, which I still want to go to. If you know of any better survey sites, then feel free to suggest.

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